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June 15, 2015
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February 28, 2017

Rabies / Microchip Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is it open to both dogs and cats?
A) Yes. Both dogs and cats can get chipped or vaccinated.

Q) Can I get vaccinations other than rabies?
A) No. The permit which allows us to run these clinics only allows us to administer the rabies vaccine and a microchip implant.

Q) Do I have to live in the city to participate?
A) No. There are no restrictions on where you live in order to participate.

Q) My dog has dog aggression. Can you do house calls?
A) No. A CVO temporary facilities permit is specific to one location at a specific date or date range. However, you may leave your dog in the car and we will attempt to vaccinate it away from other animals. For safety, please bring a muzzle with you.

Q) Is there an income means test to qualify for low cost services?
A) No. Anyone of any income level may take part in the clinic. The price for services remains the same.

Q) Do I have to get both the shot and the chip?
A) No. You may have either or both.

Q) Do you provide a rabies certificate?
A) Yes. As a condition of our permit, we are required to provide a rabies vaccination certificate signed by a veterinarian.

Q) Do animals require a rabies shot every year?
A) It depends on the type of shot your pet has. Our vaccines are a 3 year vaccination. If you’re unsure of what your pets’ vaccine status is, contact your veterinarian.

Q) Do I need to make an appointment?
A) No. There is no appointment necessary for our clinics at this time.

Q) What payment methods do you accept?
A) Cash, credit, and debit are all accepted.

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